Filipino Job Career Quiz

Would you rather work outdoors or indoors?
How many social media apps do you have?
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok

What are you gonna do?
While walking on an empty street on your way home from the mall, you found a wallet on the side of the road. You look around and see that nobody else is there. Upon closer inspection of the wallet, you see that it is an expensive Gucci brand. You open it to see that there is a 10,000php cash along with 3 credit cards, 2 ATM cards and an ID of a man with his address and contact number. What do you do?
Books or Computers?
Paper or Internet?
Which do you prefer?
What kind of movie do you prefer?
Kilig or nakakatakot?
Public speaking
Are you comfortable speaking in a room full of people?
What are you gonna do?
You see your friend and another student from another section fighting with each other, what will you do?
Which of these words best describes you:
Which is better?
High paying job but few day offs or normal paying job but with a lot of day offs?
Which of these words describes you:
Do you believe that"we make our own destiny"?
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